My first thought when I gazed upon the unopened box of  INNERWISE, The Complete Healing System by Uwe Albrecht MD was;  Humm, this box is the same size as a regular deck of oracle cards how does it contain a complete healing system in such a small box.  I was intrigued with the design used to depict the healing cards as it reminded me of a colorful crop circle.  Then I reminded myself that good things do come in small packages.   The small green box was filled with:

  • 309 healing cards that are supposed to be used to balance physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual stress.  Each card is infused with a different type of energy and  drawn intuitively.  The cards are very small and cumbersome to handle which makes it very difficult to shuffle so that you can clear and intuitively pick an appropriate card.
  • 6 self diagnosis cards to help one quickly identify with the issue at hand.
  • 1 copy card used for transferring healing energies
  • 1 amulet for applying the healing energies
  • 1 booklet that is supposed to explain it all but left me a bit confused!

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 6.10.54 PM   I went into reviewing this deck of cards with a small amount of skepticism but really opened my mind and heart to accept what Innerwise had to offer as far as healing.  I spent a lot of time reading the booklet prior to delving into the healing modalities of the cards to make sure that I did not miss any important points that Dr. Uwe Albrecht was trying to convey.  I thought the booklet was a bit confusing and contradictory.  There is an Arm-Length test that is to be performed prior to the healing sessions and it is with this testing that I found the contradictions.  The booklet gave a website to watch videos on the testing and I thought this would clear it up for me and come to find out the web pages listed to watch the videos were not valid sites and no video to be found.   I did keep searching and managed to find a webpage on Uwe Albrecht MD with more information on his teachings. INNERWISE       ARM LENGTH TEST VIDEO   THE COMPLETE HEALING SYSTEM VIDEO

Watching the video on the Arm Length Test made a lot more sense than reading about it. I feel that the arm test theory would be beneficial for subconscious communication with oneself.  I am still a bit confused and not intuitively feeling the cards to be very helpful but the jury is still out.   According to Dr. Albrecht you can use the healing cards on animals so I think I will give it a whirl on my dog who is suffering with colon cancer and see what happens.   I have not given up on these cards quite yet, I will put them to rest for a while and try again.  I will be be back with you on the verdict if Innerwise Complete Healing System cures my dog of colon cancer.

Uwe Albrecht was born in East Germany in 1966. He is a physician and pioneer of energy medicine. In addition to conventional medicine, he studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), classical European healing methods, physioenergetics, osteopathic repositioning techniques (AORT), homeopathy, holistic biological medicine, emotional therapies and sacred geometry. Based on his findings, experiences and insights, Uwe Albrecht developed Yes/No and Innerwise®:  If you are interested in purchasing the Innerwise Healing Cards please visit any of the on line retailers or HAY HOUSE

The opinions on this item is strictly my own personal opinion.  I have not been compensated for this review and the cards have been provided to be by Hay House Publishing for the sole purpose of review. SACRED VISIONS

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