Tarot and the Chakras,Opening New Dimensions to Healers is just that; a whole new dimension in publications. Tarot and Chakras had me at page one!  I am excited to see a book that finally puts it all together.

This book is like a mini Bible of new age teachings; energy, elements, astrology,chakras and tarot all wrapped up in one book and how they all relate to one another.

I personally had an aha moment when I began reading as I have been using most of the modalities written about in this book but never quite tied them all together.  Miriam Jacobs, the author lays it all out on how all of this is connected and can be used together.  She covers numerology, Kabbalah, aura imaging, card reading,and much more.  There are also numerous diagrams, meditations and exercises one can use to help better their body, mind and spirit connection.  I also really enjoyed the chapter on using crystals and gemstones for enhancing energy and spirit growth.  I have found from my own personal experience that using crystals and gemstones are very powerful healing tools.

Never have I seen a book that so eloquently and simply defined how all of the divination tools really are connected.